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Speech in the Backbench Business debate on Cancer Treatment. (House of Commons - 19/04/2018)

Speech in the Emergency debate on Parliamentary Approval of military action overseas. (House of Commons - 17/04/18).

Speech in the Emergency Debate on the EU Referendum and Electoral Law (House of Commons - 27/03/2018)

Speech in the General Debate on European Affairs (House of Commons - 15/03/2018)

Speech in the Debate on County Lines Exploitation: London (Westminster Hall - 17/01/2018)

Speech in the Debate on the Future of Medicines Regulation (Westminster Hall - 21/11/2017)

Speech at Committee Stage of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill (House of Commons - 15/11/2017)

Speech in the Second Reading Debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill (House of Commons - 11/09/2017)

Speech in the Debate on the Queen's Speech 2017 (House of Commons - 21/06/2017)

Acceptance Speech on Re-election as the MP for Lewisham East at the 2017 General Election (Lewisham Election Count - 09/06/2017)

Speech at the Launch of the Vote Leave Watch Pamphlet: 'Stop Hard Brexit: Why London Needs the Single Market' (12/05/2017)

Speech in the Westminster Hall Debate on Jobcentre Plus Office Closures (House of Commons - 16/03/2017)

Speech in the Budget 2017 Debate on Education and Skills (House of Commons - 14/03/2017)

Speech in the Estimates Day Debate on Health and Social Care (House of Commons - 27/02/2017)

Speech in the Second Reading Debate on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill (House of Commons - 31/01/2017)

Opposition Day Debate on Homelessness (House of Commons - 14/12/2016)

Opposition Day Debate on a Government Plan for Brexit (House of Commons - 07/12/2016)

Opposition Day Debate on NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans (House of Commons - 14/09/2016)

Response to the Secretary of State for Health’s Oral Statement on the Junior Doctors Contract (House of Commons – 19/05/2016)

Speech in the Opposition Day Debate on NHS Bursaries (House of Commons – 04/05/2016)

Response to the oral statement from the Secretary of State for Health regarding the junior doctors’ contract (House of Commons – 25/04/2016)

Speech to UNISON’s Health Conference (25/04/2016)

Urgent Question on Junior Doctors’ Contracts (House of Commons – 18/04/2016)

NHS in London Debate (Westminster Hall – 24/03/2016)

Urgent Question on Junior Doctors: Industrial Action (House of Commons – 24/03/2016)

Response to the oral statement ‘NHS: Learning from Mistakes’ (House of Commons – 09/03/2016)

Speech to the Nuffield Trust's Health Policy Summit (04/03/2016)

Response to the oral statement from the Secretary of State for Health regarding the junior doctors’ contract (House of Commons – 11/02/2016)

Urgent Question on the Junior Doctors’ Contract Negotiations (House of Commons – 08/02/2016)

Urgent Question on the financial position of NHS Trusts (House of Commons – 02/02/2016)

Debate on the backbench business motion to set up a NHS and social care commission (House of Commons – 28/01/2016)

Urgent Question on NHS England’s report into the death of William Mead and the failures of the 111 helpline (House of Commons – 26/01/2016)

NHS Bursary Debate (Westminster Hall - 11/01/2016)

Urgent Question on the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust (House of Commons – 10/12/2015)

Speech to Britain Against Cancer 2015 (08/12/2015)

Response to the Oral Statement on the Junior Doctors’ Contract Dispute (House of Commons - 30/11/2015)
Speech to Unite the Union's Health Sector Conference (23/11/2015)

Urgent Question on the Junior Doctors’ Contract Negotiations (House of Commons – 20/11/2015)

Speech to National Voices Annual Members’ Conference 2015 (12/11/2015)

Opposition Day Debate on Junior Doctors (House of Commons – 28/10/2015)

Speech to Junior Doctors Rally (Central London - 17/10/2015)

Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill Second Reading Speech (House of Commons – 16/10/2015)

Urgent Question on the Financial Performance of the NHS (House of Commons - 12/10/2015)

Shadow Secretary of State for Health speech to Labour Party Conference 30/09/2015

Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation Debate [Unabridged Version] (House of Commons – 13/07/2015)

Sustainable Development Goals [Education] Debate (Westminster Hall – 02/07/2015)

NUT Hustings Speech (April 2015)

Monitor’s investigation into Princess Royal University Hospital and hospitals in South East London Debate (Westminster Hall – 25/03/2015)

Living Wage (Reporting) Ten Minute Rule Bill Speech (House of Commons – 03/02/2015)

Effect of London Bridge station redevelopment on rail services debate (Westminster Hall – 27/01/2015)

Food Banks Debate (House of Commons - 17/12/2014)

Infant Class Sizes Debate [Unabridged Version] (House of Commons – 03/09/2014)

Care Bill [Lords Amendments] Debate (House of Commons - 12052014).pdf

End of Day Adjournment Debate on Southeastern Train Services (House of Commons – 06052014) .pdf

Childcare in London Debate (Westminster Hall – 19032014).pdf

Care Bill Report Stage Debate (House of Commons - 12032014) .pdf

Rail Services in South East England Debate (Westminster Hall – 12022014).pdf

Housing in London Debate (Westminster Hall - 05022014) .pdf

Offender Rehabilitation Bill Debate (House of Commons– 14012014).pdf

Care Bill Second Reading Debate [Unabridged Version] (House of Commons – 16122013) .pdf

Sri Lanka and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Westminster Hall - 06112013).pdf

Immigration Bill Second Reading (House of Commons 22102013).pdf

EU Referendum Speech [Unabridged Version] (delivered during the Summer Adjournment Debate, House of Commons – 18072013).pdf

Accident and Emergency Waiting Times Debate [Unabridged Version] (House of Commons - 05062013).pdf

Accident and Emergency Waiting Times Debate (House of Commons – 05062013).pdf

A and E Waiting Times Debate (Westminster Hall – 23042013).pdf

Budget Resolutions and Economic Situations Debate (House of Commons – 22032013).pdf

New Housing Supply Debate (Westminster Hall - 05032013).pdf

Crossrail 2 Debate (Westminster Hall - 05032013).pdf

Hospital Services (South London) Debate (Westminster Hall – 22012013).pdf

Defence Personnel Debate (House of Commons - 06122012).pdf

NHS Funding Debate (House of Commons - 12122012).pdf

Gangs and Youth Violence Debate (Westminster Hall - 04122012).pdf

Use of Stop and Search by the Metropolitan Police Debate (Westminster Hall - 17072012).pdf

Dignity in Dying Annual General Meeting Speech (04072012).pdf

Mental Health Debate (House of Commons - 17062012).pdf

Regeneration Debate (Westmister Hall - 19042012).pdf

Assisted Suicide Debate (House of Commons - 27032012).pdf

Council and Social Housing Debate (Westmister Hall - 06032012).pdf

Policing Debate (House of Commons - 24102012).pdf

Cycling Debate (Westmister Hall - 23022012).pdf

Sitra Annual Policy Conference Keynote Address (08022012).pdf

Holocaust Memorial Day Debate (Westminster Hall - 19012012).pdf

Food Security in Africa Debate (House of Commons 15092011).pdf

National Planning Policy Framework Debate (House of Commons - 20112011).pdf

Internet Regulation (Material Inciting Gang Violence) Speech - (House of Commons - 08112011).pdf

Riots Debate (Westminster Hall - 13102011).pdf

Government Policy on Gangs Debate (Westminster Hall - 11102011).pdf

Social Care Funding Debate (Westminster Hall - 10112011).pdf

Public Disorder Riots Debate (House of Commons - 11082011).pdf

Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill Debate (House of Commons - 29062011).pdf

Social Housing in London Debate (House of Commons - 05052011).pdf

English for Speakers of Other Languages Debate (Westminster Hall - 03052011).pdf

Local Government Funding Debate (House of Commons - 06122010).pdf

National Insurance Contributions Debate (House of Commons - 23112010).pdf

Immigration Debate (House of Commons - 18112010).pdf

Food Security in Africa Debate (Westminster Hall - 09112010).pdf

Housing Benefit Debate (Westminster Hall - 13102010).pdf

Housing Need in London Debate (Westminster Hall - 29062010).pdf

Maiden Speech (House of Commons - 08062010).pdf

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