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Bromley Rd/Whitefoot Lane Junction Update

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26 November 2009
Just a quick update on the response that I have received from Transport for London about the junction of Bromley Road, Whitefoot Lane and Southend Lane.

This junction has been the site of a number of accidents in recent years and as anyone who uses the junction will know, it’s a nightmare to navigate safely whether you’re on foot, on a bike or in a car. As the Councillor in Lewisham with responsibility for transport matters, I have been pressing this issue for the last 3 years with Transport for London (along with a number of other junctions across Lewisham, where we desperately need better facilities for pedestrians and clearer road markings for other road users). Transport for London are the body responsible for this junction (as it is a main road and they control all junctions with traffic lights).

Anyhow, the most recent update reads as follows:

There is a proposal for all round pedestrian phase at this junction. Traffic modelling is currently underway and TfL is exploring whether there is a viable design which would allow pedestrian facilities to be incorporated within the junction control. This work is scheduled for completion by May 2010.

When I pressed them further, it transpires that only the modelling work is due to be completed by 2010 and not any actual works to the junction. I also went back to them with a long list of questions about what would and wouldn’t be included in the modelling work (thanks to David Warwick for the questions – David is one of Labour’s council candidates in Whitefoot for the next local elections and he’s as keen as I am to see this junction improved).

Here are the questions and answers (answers in italics):

Widening of the road at the exits from Whitefoot Lane and Southend Lane – to do this would entail land acquisition, including some owned by LB Lewisham, and this is currently not part of the scope.

Clear marking of turning points for traffic turning across the traffic – this will be considered as part of the design work.

Provision of waiting spaces for bicycles – this will be considered as part of the design work.

More spacious pedestrian waiting/crossing areas in Whitefoot Lane and Southend Lane, particular for mums with buggies, the elderly and disabled people - this will be considered as part of the design work, but it is a very constrained site.

A complete revamp of those awful cages – this will be considered as part of the design work, but it is a very constrained site.

If we can’t have full pedestrian crossings on all four points could we not have one across Bromley Road? – there is already a protected crossing on Bromley Road on the south side and I presume they are seeking a protected crossing on the north side as well. As part of the design work we will look at this and all options for further pedestrians crossings at this junction.

The road junction is only busy during the rush hour (I presume this is what is meant by saturation), therefore would it not be possible to have fully phased pedestrian crossing during non-peak hours (i.e. most of the time that people actual use it to cross the road, esp as this coincides with the health centre opening times) – no we will not be looking at this as this would not work.

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