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01 April 2011
Hubbub@Goldsmiths Earlier today I spent a lovely hour at the Goldsmiths Community Centre on the North Downham Estate to mark the end of “Hubbub” (a digital media project that has been ran by Jane Hearn with funding from the Media Trust).

With a lot of change planned for the area, Jane and others had decided to put together a huge collage of photographs recording all the homes on the Excalibur estate. The estate is due to be redeveloped in the future due to the cost of upgrading the prefabs – it’s a very controversial issue locally and I can understand how difficult it must be for those who have lived their whole life on the estate.

The photographs formed a really impressive display as you walked into the gym. We then went on to watch a series of films about the what the community centre has meant to local people over time – it was great seeing some of the still images from previous decades showing how the community centre has been used for everything from wedding receptions to growing vegetables!

Well done to Jane and everyone involved in the project – it must have been great fun as well as very rewarding to work on.

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