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A great morning in Whitefoot

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30 January 2010
A great morning in Whitefoot Had a great morning canvassing in Whitefoot today. We’ve got a really enthusiatic team there – David Warwick, Janet Daby and Matt O’Mullane. They are all great ambassadors for the Labour Party and I’m lucky to have them as part of my campaign team.

It’s a shame that Whitefoot only has two councillors at the moment. One of the Liberal Councillors resigned a few months ago which means that the area is missing a councillor. Normally there would be a by-election, but because the local elections are only a few months away, there won’t be one (as there was when Lib Dem Sera Kentman had to go – she was arrested on suspicion of perjury – it does make you wonder what sort of process the Lib Dems use to select their candidates).

The Labour team is busy picking up on issues that local people want addressed - a bit of concern over the quality of the local environment,which we need to deal with. The council’s new mattress recycling scheme (which is free) should hopefully help but we also need to work with Phoenix, the area’s big landlord, to make sure that we’re dealing with things in a joined up way.

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