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I will fight a hard Brexit - no ifs, no buts

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16 May 2017
vote leave watch speech Last week I spoke at the launch of a new report which makes the case as to why the UK must stay in the Single Market and Customs Union.
You can read the speech I gave here and the Evening Standard coverage here.
We all know that the Prime Minister called this election under the pretext of needing to strengthen her negotiating position on Brexit.  No matter who is in charge on 9 June, I am clear that the UK should remain a member of the Single Market and a member of the Custom’s Union.
Countries such as Norway and Iceland are outside the EU but inside the Single Market, inside the European Economic Area. Theresa May is wrong to have discounted this option before the talks have even begun.
She is wrong to put her obsession with immigration and so-called “sovereignty” above the economy, jobs and investment and her decision to do so is reckless in the extreme.
A number of politicians have recently said that in future the UK needs to have the "exact same benefits" in terms of trade with EU countries as we have at the moment.  The only way to do this, in my view, is by the UK remaining in the Single Market and the Customs Union. 
This is particularly important in London given the nature of our economy, which is highly dependent upon the service sector, and our close links to the EU.
The Liberal Democrats and Greens are seeking to claim the mantle as the chief opponents to a hard Brexit when five times as many Labour MPs (including me) voted against triggering Article 50 as the Lib Dem and Greens combined.

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