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Vote Labour on Thursday 7 May

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05 May 2015
Vote Labour pic On Thursday people across the country will head to their local polling station to cast their vote in the General Election. Over the past few weeks I have spoken to thousands of local residents, many of whom have shared with me their views about the election and what they believe the priorities for the next Government should be.

Hundreds of people have emailed me and I have done my best to respond. I've been asked questions on many different subjects but this weekend one email stood out for me and I wanted to share it with you. 

It's from a constituent who would rather remain anonymous but it encapsulates perfectly what this election is about:

Hello Heidi
I've never written to an MP (or prospective MP) before. Never had the need. Never felt motivated to do so.Nor have I have felt as engaged in an election campaign as I have been this time around. It is because of that unexpected sense of engagement that I'm writing to you now. 
I used to be a Tory voter when I lived in Suffolk. That, I suspect, came from parents. But when I moved to London in 1997 months after the Labour landslide, it didn't take long for my politics to change. I voted Labour up until 2010, when I along with a great many others fell for the #IAgreeWithNick campaign and believed almost romantically that the third way might be the right way. 
I've not been directly affected by the past five years, but I have looked on at a great many policies implemented by the Tories and Lib Dems, in horror, many of them done amid cries of saving the economy. My view is that the economy would have saved itself anyway and that austerity was a policy which suited the Tories just fine. It pains me to see the increase in Food Bank use in this country and I worry about the future of the NHS and the BBC.  
In this campaign I've also noticed something else which has surprised me: just how much David Cameron isn't a leader. Every time I see his (and many of his colleagues) self-satisfied face on TV I feel incredibly alienated. He doesn't represent me. He is not a reflection of me as a citizen. I look at Ed Miliband instead (and have done increasingly over this campaign) and see someone I would be proud to have as Prime Minister. I recognise an authenticity in his delivery and someone who, if he does become PM, will have done the unthinkable for a lot of people. That last point is an important motivator for me. 
I imagine you get endless emails like this in the run-up to the final vote. You can't possibly read all of them and certainly won't have the time to reply to them. But in explaining all of this, I wanted to reiterate how much I am behind you, how you have mine and my partner's vote on Thursday and how I am SO rooting for a Labour victory. 
Best of luck for Thursday. We're behind you. 


Emails like this bring the last few days of the campaign into sharp focus. There is a lot at stake at this election and in my view it is the Labour Party which has the ideas and values to deliver a better future for our part of London and our country - an economy which works for all, an NHS fit for the 21st century and a fair and responsible approach to balancing the books.

If you want to live in a country where hard work is rewarded, prosperity is shared and the NHS protected, vote Labour on May 7.

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