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My 5 point plan for Lewisham East

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25 February 2015
Heidi Alexander in front of ambulance As the election campaign picks up pace, I wanted to set out my local priorities for Lewisham East. This election is an important one for our part of London. Under the Tories, people are being told there is a recovery when they aren’t feeling the benefits.

Every week I meet people who are working hard, but not being fairly rewarded. Even those who are paid a reasonable wage often struggle to rent a decent home, let alone buy one. Families are worried about the rising costs of childcare, the shortage of local primary school places and the future of our NHS. Meanwhile David Cameron and George Osborne seem to think everything is fine.

When I was first elected five years ago, I promised to be a hard-working and honest MP. I have always put my constituents first and I have campaigned relentlessly on the issues which matter most - decent pay, affordable housing and childcare, better public transport and the NHS. If you re-elect me this year, I will build on this record. 

We must develop a strong economy which benefits everyone, not just those at the top. We need a fair tax system; requiring the very richest to pay their fair share whilst helping those on modest incomes. And we need an NHS which is properly funded and can deal with the challenges of the 21st century. 

When the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats tried to axe services at Lewisham Hospital, we all knew it was wrong. As a community, we opposed it every step of the way – and won. Whilst we may have saved our hospital, the challenges facing the NHS are greater than ever. 


 If, like me, you want a Government which will invest in the NHS whilst standing up for those on modest incomes, I hope you will trust me with your vote.

Over the coming weeks I will be knocking on doors and speaking with local residents about Labour’s plan for the country and my own priorities for our local community. I care deeply about this part of London and I hope my 5 point plan below will make a positive difference to the lives of local people:

My 5 point plan for Lewisham East 

1) Defend local health services and will work with hospital staff, GPs and the council to improve the quality and integration of care.

2) Work with Lewisham Council, housing associations and developers to deliver more genuinely affordable homes.

3) Campaign across London for the Living Wage in order to make work pay and help tackle the cost of living crisis.

4) Lobby Education Ministers to make sure Lewisham gets a fair deal on school funding - every child should be able to go to an excellent, local school.

5) Push Southeastern, Network Rail and the Department of Transport for longer rush hour trains and campaign for the extension of the Bakerloo Line to Lewisham and Catford.

I can’t make this happen on my own. I need your support. If you agree with my priorities or would like to suggest others, please get in touch using the “Contact Me” page above.

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