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Labour’s action plan for Lewisham

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15 April 2014
Canvassing in Downham On 22nd May Lewisham residents will have the opportunity to decide who will run Lewisham Council for the next four years. The local elections are on the same day as European elections, when London and the rest of the country will vote for its MEPs. 
Lewisham Council is currently run by Labour - its directly elected Mayor is Sir Steve Bullock. Steve, and his team of Councillors, have been working hard to provide high quality services for local residents against a backdrop of the Conservative-Lib Dem austerity agenda. Despite this, since 2010, Lewisham’s Labour-run Council have:

• Overseen 2,090 new affordable homes built, brought back 1,000 homes into use and upgraded 3,000 existing homes

• Become the first council in the country to adopt the Living Wage officially benefitting hundreds of local workers

• Helped save Lewisham Hospital’s A&E and maternity services through a successful legal challenge to the Secretary of State for Health’s decision to downgrade our local services

• Improved our Primary Schools to achieve the fourth best results in the country

• Opened two new Leisure Centres with swimming pools, a new library and created five community libraries by working with local residents

Over the next four years the Council will face further Government cuts to its funding which will inevitably bring some very difficult choices about how its services are delivered. These are tough economic times but a Labour-led Lewisham Council would fight to ensure our corner of South East London gets a fair deal. If re-elected, a Labour Lewisham will: 
• Tackle the cost of living crisis, freeze council tax for at least two years, lead the way on fair pay and fight fuel poverty

• Deliver a minimum of 2,000 new affordable homes, building 500 council homes directly, tackle rough landlords and rip-off letting agents

• Support the creation of 3,000 new jobs over the next seven years to ensure that the benefits of regeneration in Lewisham reach local people

• Help young people by increasing the number of apprenticeships to 1,000 by 2018 and ensure provision of quality vocational training

• Guarantee a primary school place at a good quality local school for every child and improve secondary school results by 10%

Over the next few weeks local Labour activists will continue to knock on doors to speak to residents about our vision for Lewisham. We hope you will cast your votes in support of your three Labour council candidates and our Mayoral candidate Steve Bullock. You can find out the details of your local candidates by clicking here.

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