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Lewisham beer in the House!

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28 January 2014
Brockley Brewery Last week I was delighted to welcome Lewisham’s very own brewery, the Brockley Brewery Company, to Parliament. The brewery’s popular Pale Ale is this week’s “guest ale” at the MPs’ local pub, the Strangers’ Bar.
I was joined by Andy and Rachel (two of the people who set up the brewery in March 2013) and Dame Joan Ruddock MP. It was a pleasure to be able to share a taste of our local beer with Westminster colleagues. The Brewery sells direct to the public from 10-3pm on Saturdays and do a fine line in artwork, with £1 of each sale of their posters going to Shelter (more details here). I was the very chuffed recipient of one of their posters, which you can see in the photo above.

The Brockley brewery is a real asset to our Lewisham community and I wish them the best of luck in getting more pubs and bars to stock their produce.

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