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Lewisham Hospital - the fight continues...

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21 October 2013
Placards Back in July, the High Court quashed the Secretary of State for Health’s decision to decimate A&E and maternity services at Lewisham – a solvent, successful hospital – in order to solve financial problems elsewhere. Lord Justice Silber’s ruling made clear that in taking a decision about services at Lewisham in the way that he did, Jeremy Hunt was acting unlawfully.
Unfortunately the Government are hell-bent on pushing through their plans - against the wishes of local residents, GPs and hospital staff - which means the fight to save our local service isn’t quite over yet. In August the Secretary of State lodged an appeal against the High Court ruling on the last official day he could do so. That appeal is scheduled to be heard in the Court of Appeal early next week.
Today, along with local campaigners, I delivered a petition to the Department of Health which calls on Jeremy Hunt to accept the High Court decision and stop wasting taxpayers’ money on appealing the judgement. I was also joined by Lord Philip Hunt who is helping to fight a last minute Government amendment to the Care Bill in the House of Lords which, if passed, would mean services at any hospital could face closure in order to solve financial problems elsewhere in the NHS. You can see a few photos from the day below.
The Court of Appeal case is scheduled for two days – 28th and 29th October. You can keep up to date with any developments in the campaign by following me on Twitter (@heidi_mp) or by visiting the Save Lewisham Hospital website.

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