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Cracking down on websites that incite gang violence

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09 November 2011
websites that incite gang violence On Tuesday I presented my 10 Minute Rule Bill to the House of Commons entitled ‘Internet Regulation (Material Inciting Gang Violence)’. For those who don’t know about the procedure, I basically got to set out my case in a speech lasting 10 minutes before, with the support of those sitting in the chamber, “presenting” my Bill to the Speaker (as in the photo above).

You can read my speech here and read about what first highlighted me to this problem here. On Tuesday I also wrote an article on setting out my case to give the police power to order internet service providers to remove certain material which incites gang violence which can be viewed here. The video of my speech can be viewed at the bottom of this post (the Speaker introduces me at around 15:40).

The second reading of my Bill is on 16th March 2012 so I have quite a wait yet but will continue to press the Home Secretary and Minister for Police on this issue.

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