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My pledges to you at this election

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31 May 2017
ge17 On 8 June you will be voting in the General Election for the person you want to represent our area in Parliament. 

Many of you tell me how angry you are about the direction the Conservative Government is taking our country. I am too. 

I am not prepared to stand by and sign up to the Government's reckless and economically damaging approach to leaving the EU. 

We have to protect our place in the single market in order to protect jobs and investment in London. If we don't, the cuts to schools and hospitals will just get worse. 

I think politics is failing people at the moment. This has to change. 

Lewisham East needs an honest, experienced and committed MP. I hope my record over the last seven years proves that I am someone you can trust and someone who will work hard on your behalf.

Lewisham is my home. I love serving our community and I have so much more to give - I hope you will feel able to support me at this election.

My pledges to you:
  • I will fight for the best EU deal to protect jobs. Our economy depends on our membership of the single market. We can't throw that away.
  • I will fight for a properly funded NHS and education system. Hospitals and schools are having to make cuts, year in year out. That has to change.
  • I will fight for more genuinely affordable homes. Last year the Government spent £9bn on housing benefit payments to private landlords. We need to shift that subsidy to building council homes.
  • I will fight for better rail services. We need longer trains in rush hour and we need to bring the Bakerloo Line to Lewisham and Catford.
  • I will always be there for the people of Lewisham East. My values are Labour to the core but I will always say what I believe and will always be my own woman.

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