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12 March 2011

Just wanted to post a quick note about my fanatastic visit to the new Trinity School (formerly Northbrook) on Taunton Road and the equally fantastic blog that has been set up by local parents to support Trinity on its journey to being a great local secondary school – see timefortrinty.

As someone who spent hours in meetings trying to get the school rebuilt when I was a local councillor, it was a great moment for me to be able to see the new school in all its glory. It was lovely to be shown around by two of the prefects and as I walked around the new facilities, I couldn’t help but think about all the schools in other parts of the country that aren’t as lucky as Lewisham (Thanks to David Cameron and Michael Gove, there will be plenty of schools that were crying out for investment just like Northbrook but who have had their rebuilds scrapped by the coalition).

I wrote a short piece for the new blog and so won’t repeat it here but do click on the link above if you would like to read more about my impressions.

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