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Heidi’s “I promise” challenge

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30 October 2010
I promise challenge Lewisham East MP, Heidi Alexander, has made a special visit to St Mildred’s Church in Lee to play her part in the “I Promise” Challenge.

Organised by a coalition of UK churches, the “I Promise” Challenge asked people to think, pray and then make a promise about something they can do individually to end global poverty. These promises are collected together and sent to their local MP, asking them to make a promise to use their voice to make sure that the promises made in the form of the Millennium Development Goals are met.

Heidi was delighted to receive the promises from St Mildred’s; “my recent trip to Kenya reinforced my conviction that tackling global poverty and the problems of hunger and malnutrition are paramount. If the Millennium Development Goals are going to be met, we all need to play our part. I will be doing my level best to make sure that the UK Government meets the commitments they have made.”

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