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Northbrook Park Needs You!

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19 November 2010
Northbrook Park Needs You! If you’re reading this story, please make sure you vote for Northbrook Park in ITV’s People’s Millions competition next Wednesday 24 November.

Over the last year, Michelle Ball and her son Ryan (pictured above) have led a campaign to bring about improvements to their local park. They have now reached the final of the People’s Millions and stand to win £50,000 for the park if they are successful next week.

All votes have to be cast between 9am and midnight on Wednesday 24th November. The number to phone will be made available on the Peoples Million’s website on Wednesday morning. You can vote 10 times from each phone line that you have (they fail to say that on the Peoples Million’s site but I am told that this is the case!). The number will also be available in the Daily Mirror on the 24th or at 6pm on the ITV london news.

If you want more information about the campaign and how to vote, visit the website:

Our park is up against a radio station from Tottenham, so let’s make sure we win!

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