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A busy December on Heathside & Lethbridge

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22 December 2009
A busy December on Heathside It’s been a busy few weeks for me on the Heathside & Lethbridge Estate. The demolition of a number of buildings in the first phase of the estate’s regeneration got underway on Saturday 13th December and I joined a group of residents to mark the occasion.

Ther first building to be demolished was the old Wash House – a long time home for the local youth club and the Somerville Nursery. Whilst the youth club have moved over to the community hall at Lethbridge Close, I’ve been working hard to make sure that the nursery can also stay on the estate whilst the regeneration takes place. It was great to see Stella and her team move into the old health clinic under Landale Court and I’m sure the kids are going to love their new home.

The start of demolition works was a big step forward for the estate which will be transformed over the next decade with new homes, play areas and community facilities. But for some people who have lived on the estate for most of their lives, it was also quite an emotional day - the demolition served as a reminder for me that whilst bricks can be pulled down and put up very quickly, communities take many years to build.

In addition to sorting out the relocation of the Somerville Nursery, I’ve also been dealing with a number of day to day maintenance issues with Lewisham Homes on behalf of residents and had a walkabout with tenants and local Labour Action Team members Paul Keane and Kevin Bonavia. I’ve asked the Chief Executive of Lewisham Homes to attend a Tenants and Residents Meeting in the new year as I think the concerns of residents need to be addressed by the top people.

The highlight of my last few weeks activity on Heathside & Lethbridge though has to be my chat with some of the regulars at the luncheon club on Thursday 10th. Whilst I had to dash off to a meeting in Central London and so missed out on some wonderful food, I was really pleased to be able to drop by and enjoy the festive cheer!

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