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Heathside & Lethbridge Consultation Event

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25 April 2009
Heathside & Lethbridge Consultation Event The regeneration of the Heathside and Lethbridge estate has been in development for a number of years but has come a step closer in recent months as dicussions between Lewisham Council and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) have progressed.

The planning application for the first phase (largely the derelict buildings on Blackheath Hill) was launched at an event at the community hall today and I popped by to have a chat to the residents and the architects. I’ve been in contact with the Tenants and Residents Association on the estate since 2006, so it’s good to see some progress being made.

The property downturn and concerns about the amount of housing proposed in some of the early designs have meant that progress has been slower than we all would have liked but there now seems to be a credible timetable for moving forward. Current thinking suggests that a planning application will be submitted later this year and should all go well with the planning process, work should start in 2010. It would take about 2 years to complete the first flats.

Ever since I first became involved with this scheme, I have been keen to ensure that more social rented housing is provided than that which is there at the moment and that appropriate community facilities are reprovided. Overall, there is likely to be a relatively significant increase in the number of homes on the estate (it’s really well located in terms of access to train stations and buses) but I think it’s really important to get the balance right between the number of homes for rent, the number that are available for shared ownership and those that are for outright sale. I’m also keen to see a good number of family sized homes provided.

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