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Olympic missile site in Blackheath?

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14 March 2012

Many Blackheath residents may have heard the recent news that the Ministry of Defence are considering the use of the Heath as part of their air security plan for the Olympics. I have made my opinions on this clear to both BBC News (see here) and in a letter to attendants at the recent Blackheath Local Assembly (see here).

Whilst none of us want to contemplate the possibility of a terrorist attack during London 2012, most of us would expect our Government to prepare for such an eventuality. I don’t like the idea of surface-to-air missiles on Blackheath but if the military and security experts think that it is necessary to have a last line of defence in their preparations, then this clearly needs to go somewhere.

I believe that local people have a right to know what is being considered in this process and are able to get at least basic answers to their questions. I will continue to encourage the MoD to be as transparent and open as possible with local residents.

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