My Politics

Speaking at the Lewisham School Awards - June '09

I believe everyone should be given an equal chance in life, irrespective of where they are born, who their parents are or the colour of their skin.

I believe in the power of education to change lives and I believe that our schools are the best place to promote understanding between different cultures and to protect and nurture our diversity.

I believe everyone should have equal access to high quality public services and that free healthcare based on need is a basic human right.

I believe that we have an urgent responsibility to tackle climate change.

I believe that reducing the gap between rich and poor, both in this country and globally, is essential if we are to get on with one another and reduce intolerance, prejudice and violence.

I believe there needs to be more debate about the sort of society we want to live in and government’s role – this has never been more important than in the current economic climate.

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