A busy week!

This week seemed to be one of those weeks where you just wonder where all the hours have gone!

On Tuesday I took part in two debates in the House of Commons. First up was a debate secured by my colleague David Lammy on the proposed Crossrail 2 project. I used the debate as an opportunity to put forward my own ideas for how transport should be integrated and improved in London, particularly on how we should use it to support growth in South-East London.

I argued that the economic centre of London is shifting east, with the working population of Canary Wharf expected to double to 200,000 by 2025. I believe linking the growing population of South-East London to these opportunities is essential, and that an extended Bakerloo line (as a ‘Crossrail 3′ project linking SE London to NW London) is the way to do this. You can read my speech in full here.

Next I headed to the House of Commons chamber to make a contribution in the New Housing Supply Debate. Housing is one of the most common issues that people in Lewisham speak to me about – whether it be the appalling conditions in which some people live, the affordability of renting/buying and the lack of social housing.

I used my speech to focus on the need to build homes to rent from councils and housing associations. It is just wrong that 34,000 fewer affordable homes were built nationally last year (compared to the previous year), and that one of the first actions of this Government was to cut the affordable house building programme by 60%.  You can read my speech in full here.

On Wednesday it was Prime Minister’s Questions and I had a chance to discuss the hot topics on Radio 4′s World at One. In a week when George Osborne was fighting in Brussels to oppose a cap on Bankers’ Bonuses, it was little surprise that this (and the ‘bedroom tax’) dominated debate. I have written about the unfairness of the Government’s proposals in my column for this week’s South London Press.

Thursday saw the Mayor of London come to Catford to take part in the People’s Question Time event. I attended and used the opportunity to urge Boris to actually read the disputed study which is constantly prayed in aid of Government claims that the proposals to close services at Lewisham Hospital will save 100 lives. I also asked him to make knife crime a priority – London’s young people must be safe on our streets.

I rounded off my busy week with a visit to see some of my favourite constituents, the School Council of John Ball Primary! Friday afternoon also meant my regular advice surgery in Downham – with issues of housing, welfare benefits and employment all raised.

All in a week’s work!

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