Improving Homes in Grove Park

Grove Park

I joined Lewisham’s Mayor Sir Steve Bullock in Grove Park today to take a look at the progress that housing association, London and Quadrant have made following the transfer of 1500 homes to them in July 2008.

We visited the home of the 250th resident to benefit from a new kitchen and bathroom and it was great to see the high quality work that has been carried out (this work is part of the Labour Government’s commitment to bring all housing up to a “decent homes” standard).

It’s clear that L&Q have put a huge amount of effort into consulting residents every step of the way and I think that makes a real difference to how happy residents are with the end results.

We also visited their show flat in one of the tower blocks and it was good to see the attention that is also being paid to things like caretaking and general maintenance on the estates.

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